We offer solutions in the field of industrial automation to small, but also medium and large companies with any type of production. We will increase the efficiency and quality of production and at the same time simplify the work of your employees. We will revive your production and you will introduce a turbo. We will produce a specific solution tailored to you - you will get the finished product exactly according to your needs, you can use our other engineering services, or we can get spare components for your existing production facilities. Our unique know-how is our own Responsive Solution Method ™, which is based on partnership, constant client feedback and process transparency. Our goal is to implement intelligent production systems as a unique ecosystem for the cooperation of people and the machines.


We offer external production of components on the WM 3 machining centre.

  • Design of electrical diagrams in EPLAN.
  • Analysis and design of operational and functional safety.
  • Flexibility towards customer requirements for schematic design in EPLAN.
  • Replacement of electrical installations and safety elements on older equipment.
  • Elaboration of complete documentation and risk analysis.
  • Energy optimization. 
  • Procedures in accordance with standards.
  • Standardized element marking system for simplified maintenance and diagnostics.
  • Development of machines and equipment (conveyors, robotic cells)
  • Modification of existing facilities and workplaces
  • Creation of technical documentation
  • Data processing in SolidWorks 2020 (conversion, export)
  • External development support
  • Provision of engineering production
  • Development and implementation of control algorithms for automated devices
  • Modification and optimization of existing control systems
  • PLC programming of automatic machines
  • Programming of industrial robots
  • Creating a user - friendly control and diagnostic environment (HMI)
  • Integration of various control and communication systems
  • Creation of company standards for control systems (HW, SW)


As part of the complexity of progressive solutions, we include the product range of the German company Bihl + Wiedemann GmbH in our portfolio as an authorized representative. We implement the products ourselves into our facilities and provide not only their contractual sales, but also technical and software support. They are complete automation solutions for functional safety and industrial communication in machines and production lines, at an unbeatable price. Bihl + Wiedemann uses the popular AS-Interface fieldbus standard (the latest version of the Asi-5 as well as all previous versions) as the basis for its control systems. If you are interested and would like to receive more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

You can download the complete Bihl + Wiedemann product catalogue here.

With the help of ASi Masters (ASi Gateways) you will ensure the transfer from your preferred fieldbus communication to the ASi network. ASi Gateways from Bihl + Wiedemann supports a wide portfolio of fieldbus communication networks and, thanks to their high compatibility, can be used in combination with most PLC and control system manufacturers.


  • Easy configuration either using the ASIMON360 software tool or via the built-in display on the device.
  • A wide range of diagnostic functions such as duplicate address detection, ground protection checks and EMC monitoring.
  • Two independent ASi networks within one ASi Master.
  • Ability to use ASi-5 and ASi-3 devices within one network.
  • OPC UA support depending on model.
  • Supported fieldbus network variants: PROFINET, ETHERNET/IP, ModbusTCP, EtherCAT, PROFIBUS, BACnet/IP, DeviceNet, ControlLogix, Compact- / MicroLogix, CC-Link, - - -Ethernet POWERLINK, CANopen, RS-485 Modbus, RS232.

ASi Gateways safety modules perform the function of standard ASi Gateways modules with the fact that in addition to standard signals they can also transmit or process safety signals.

Depending on the type of ASi Gateway device, the Gateway can:

  1. Collect and evaluate safety-relevant data from slave devices via the built-in Safety Processor as a programmable safety relay.
  2. Collect and evaluate safety-relevant data from sub-devices and at the same time send this data to a higher control system using the “Safety” safety protocol.

Supported safety communication protocols: PROFIsafe (PROFINET, PROFIBUS), CIP Safety (Ethernet/IP), FSoE (EtherCAT), CIP Safety (Sercos), SafeLink (Bihl+Wiedemann).

SafeLink – A safety communication protocol designed to transfer safety - relevant data between Bihl+Wiedemann Gateway devices. It can run on an already built fieldbus infrastructure based on Ether.

Bihl+Wiedemann offers a wide portfolio of modules for connecting safety inputs and outputs such as:

  • Safety I/O modules IP67 (SIL 3)
  • Safety I/O modules IP20 (SIL 3)
  • Active ASi Safety distributors
  • Safety modules with expansion contacts IP20 (SIL 3)
  • Emergency Stop modules (SIL 3)
  • Speed / speed monitoring modules for applications with safety-reduced speed control (SIL 3)
  • Safety Analog modules for safe control of analogue quantities 4 .. 20mA, 0 .. 10V, Pt100

The flagship of digital ASi modules from Bihl + Wiedemann is ASi - IO-Link Master. This technology allows you to create an IO-Link network within an ASi network. A huge advantage of this solution is the enormous cost savings with the growing number of IO-Link devices.

The Bihl + Wiedemann IO-Link Masters portfolio includes 4-port, 2-port and 1-port IO-Link Masters with IP67 protection and compact dimensions.
Bihl+Wiedemann also has the following digital modules:

  • Digital input modules (IP20, IP67)
  • Digital output modules (IP20, IP67)
  • Digital I / O modules - configurable (IP20, IP67)
  • Modules for motor and drive control from various manufacturers (SEW-EURODRIVE, Lenze SmartMotor, Itoh Denki, Interrroll, RULMECA, Rollex)
  • Counting modules (Counters)

Our portfolio includes standard analogue modules with support for high bit resolution up to 16 bits.

We offer the following:

  • Multi-channel analogue input modules with inputs: 4 ..20 mA, 0 .. 10V, Pt100, thermocouple J, thermocouple K.
  • Multi-channel analogue output modules with outputs: 0 ..20 mA, 4 .. 20 mA, 0 .. 10V, +-10V.
  • Bihl+Wiedemann has power supplies specially designed for the ASi network.
  • 30V supplies are designed for networks that reach a distance of 50m and more.

For networks with a larger range (over 200m) it is necessary to use elements that adjust the properties of the network

  • ASi Bus Termination – passive element used to terminate the network. It is used for networks without a repeater over 100m to 200m
  • ASi Diagnostic Tuner – it is an active network component that modifies network properties and also serves as network diagnostics. Use in ASi networks up to 300m

ASi Repeater – Repeater – element to expand the network by another 100-200m. Using a repeater, we can extend the ASi network to a maximum distance of 1000m.

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